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His Mission

Horacio wants to share the beauty in the colors of Latin America through music that is true in spirit to its roots but is also highly original. He is inspired by Salsa, Cumbia, Bachata and other styles that are important to the urban culture that he comes from and which he believes represent his time. He combines all of this with forms, ideas and the technical mastery that come from Western tradition. The result is music the is carefully crafted and grooves like salsa.

Horacio has found that writing music that reflects his origins and interests is the best way for him to be honest about the art he creates and is convinced that the beauty of Latin American and World music should be shared with the world. 

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Music begins 
where the possibilities of language end.

Horacio Fernández Vázquez, born in May 26th, 1996 in Puebla, is a pianist and composer who currently resides in New York City and studies Music Composition at The Juilliard School of Music, class of ’22.



Throughout his career, he has had the opportunity to perform at various national and international events as a pianist and composer. In September of 2014, he made his first professional presentation with the premiere of the play “Mascaras del Sinsentido”, directed by the playwright Rodolfo Pineda Bernal, at the Teatro de la Ciudad de Puebla. Horacio was commissioned to compose tall of the music of this staging, which was a representation of the life of the psychologist Victor Frankl.

In summer of 2015, he was accepted as a participant in the annual summer festival of advanced piano studies at the John Perry Acedmy of Music, which took place at California State University Nothridge in Los Angeles, California.

In 2016, he attended the International Festival and Masterclass of Piano, Monterrey, Mexico to which he dedicated his first sonata for piano.

In November 2016, he was awarded as the winner of the third edition of the Arturo Márquez Chamber Orchestra Composition Contest, which had as a jury the composers Arturo Marquez, Samuel Zyman, María Luisa Solórzano and Jorge Ritter. His work “Latin Fantasy & Fugue (Talavera)” was presented on December 1st 2016 at the auditorium of the Centro Cultural Roberto Cantoral in Mexico City.

In September of 2017, he took place in an exchange program with the Lumière Univsersity in Lyon, France. In his time there, he also entered to Conservatory of Lyon to further his studies on instrumental composition.

In February to 2018, he was awarded a full scholarship to attend The Juilliard School of Music to obtain a Bachelor’s in Music Composition starting on august 2018.


Prelude #1 for Solo Piano

3:4 for Percussion Quartet

Prelude & Bossa No.2

Prelude & Merengue


Los Murmullos

Jovenes Son Todos

Múscia de Boda Judía



Latin Fantasy & Fugue Talavera

Three Voiced Fugue for Bass Clarinet

Bossa Nova for Solo Guitar "Apaixonado"

Latin Fantasy & Fugue Talavera

Three Voiced Fugue for Bass Clarinet

Bossa Nova for Solo Guitar "Apaixonado"

Latin Fantasy & Fugue Talavera

Three Voiced Fugue for Bass Clarinet

"Lesser artists borrow, great artists steal."

There are many different versions of this quote that have been accredited to different people, from Stravinsky to Einstein, to Picasso and many others. Some other day, I will discuss the origins of this quote but for the moment being, I will give two examples of how I have learnt to “steal” from other composers and daily life to help achieve my own musical goals.
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Phone: +52 1 2221516598 (México)
60 Lincoln Center Plaza, New York, NY 10023